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Get Your Canidate on the Path to Success


Holmes Street Consulting LLC is a research and consulting firm whose mission is to provide comprehensive fact-finding content to serve our clients’ needs and provide experienced analysis to ensure any narrative, or advocacy, is properly vetted and supported by the research.

We do this by providing deep dives into issues, candidates, or movements while also providing rapid response to ensure the client is up to date on the current trends of their goals.

HSC LLC was founded in 2023 by David Merrick. With close to a decade of campaign, research, and issue advocacy work, his experience allows him to know what to research, see the trends of the narrative, and how to properly prepare, and protect, his clients.

Holmes Street Consulting looks forward to advancing your mission.


HSC LLC services include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-vetting

  • Opposition research

  • Issue Advocacy research

  • Poll vetting

  • Media vetting

  • Freedom of Information Act submissions and breakdowns

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